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What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out?

By Christine DeFilippis
Pop Fit Studio
Marple Friends & Neighbors, November 2022

We’ve all been there – you just don’t feel like going for that run or taking that barre class. You know you should, you understand the benefits, but you’re just not feeling it. A heavy workload or lots of other to-dos on your list could be distracting you. Or you might be feeling tired or run down. Some say, “Don’t feel like it? Do it anyway.” But does that approach really work? Here are 5 things to do instead that might support your goals and your health in a better way.

  1. Re-plan Your Day or Your Workout

If you wake up in the morning and you aren’t feeling your best, it may be better to wait till the evening to work out. Or maybe you were planning an outdoor run and it’s raining. Would an indoor class or workout be more enjoyable? Think of ways you can get your workout in at a different time or in a different way.

  1. Take a Short Walk or Try a Mini Workout Instead

Even a few minutes of movement can help you feel better. Can you squeeze in a few 5-minute exercise breaks throughout your day? Take a walk, climb a flight of stairs instead of taking the elevator or park in the furthest spot when shopping. All these small steps can make an impact on your health if longer workouts aren’t possible.

  1. Find a Workout Buddy

Need an extra push to get going? A workout partner can help you get motivated, stay motivated and actually enjoy your time working out. Studies have shown that people that work out with other people are less likely to be bored, often work harder, stay more committed to their goals, are less stressed and live longer!

  1. Do a Short Meditation

Maybe a physical workout isn’t what you need today. It’s just as important to train your mind as it is your body. A brief time of meditation can help reduce stress, improve cognitive function, ease anxiety and much more. 

  1. Skip the Workout

Didn’t think that would be an option? Sometimes a rest day may be what you need. Skip the workout today and try something tomorrow. The world isn’t going to end if you don’t work out today. Your health isn’t going to suffer over the long run by skipping one workout. Sometimes when you feel tired and overwhelmed, skipping a workout and resting is just what your body needs.

You’re always going to have days when you don’t feel like exercising. Exercising doesn’t need to be in a gym or for a specific amount of time. Find ways to fill your day with some movement that supports your lifestyle and schedule, but be sure to make movement a part of your everyday life.

About The Author

Body Image & Fitness
Christine DeFilippis
Pop Fit Studio
Christine DeFilippis is the owner of Pop Fit Studio, an HAES-aligned, fitness boutique specializing in creating fun fitness classes. Christine opened Pop Fit Studio in 2018 after spending over two decades in the fitness industry. Pop Fit Studio offers a variety of music-driven fitness classes including dance, barre, trampoline and their exclusive Bungee Workout. Their mission is to make fitness fun and help people feel confident in their body. In addition to being a studio owner, she is the founder of FitProEd, an online education company for group fitness instructors. She is also the host of the Breaking Body Biases Podcast, whose mission to create more inclusion for all bodies in the fitness industry.
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