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Door Finishes: How to Preserve and Care For Them Properly

Is your entry door faded or warped from the sun? Is your stain or finish cracking and looking less vibrant? There are multiple factors that can cause your door finish to dull, and some changes can be made to help preserve your finish. 

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Healthy Smiles Need Healthy Snacks

As parents, we teach our kids the basic skills of dental hygiene: brushing twice a day and flossing once daily. But great dental care for kids goes beyond that. The secret to healthy teeth might just be in your child’s lunch box.

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The Many Services Funeral Directors Provide

Most people know the basics when it comes to the services that a funeral home provides in their time of grief, but there may be more services available to you and your loved ones, before, during and after the loss.

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Home’s Exterior For Winter

With the winter season approaching, there’s no time like the present to prepare your home’s exterior to endure the cold, snow and ice. Here are five tips to find and fix exterior problems so your home is comfortable, safe and energy efficient over the winter months.

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