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Fante Flooring, Turning Houses into Dream Homes

Marple Friends & Neighbors, September 2022
Vera and Eric Fante with their children

Photos courtesy of Eric Fante 

Choosing a floor can seem like an overwhelming task when faced with all the materials and designs you have to choose from. Luckily, Fante Flooring in Newtown Square has you covered. Not only do they have a wide selection of flooring you won’t find anywhere else, owner Eric Fante takes immense pride in seeing the finished products in his customers’ homes. 

Eric opened Fante Flooring’s Newtown Square location in 2016, but the company’s roots started long before that in South Philadelphia. Eric’s great-grandfather, Thomas Fante, came to the United States from Italy in 1901, where he opened up and ran a successful furniture business.  His son Dominc, Eric’s grandfather, worked alongside his father and was particularly interested and knowledgeable in the area of flooring. They opened Fante Flooring  in 1946. The business grew and by the 1970s Dominc had turned the store into a beautiful showroom.

Eric grew up in South Philadelphia in the 1970s and spent a lot of his childhood helping his dad, Ron, and grandfather in the family business. Eric remembers being a young boy and learning the many aspects of running a flooring business from both his father and grandfather.  “I started as a young kid putting tools away and sweeping the floors,” explained Eric. “Then as a teenager and young adult I took on more responsibilities and learned how to take measurements and install floors. They showed me how important it is to be a helper.”

Eventually Eric took over running the business and since 2001 he has been the owner and operator of Fante Flooring. Ron passed away in 2011, but Eric said his legacy is in great hands. His family’s traditions and techniques are what helped him run the store successfully. “My dad taught me everything in both business and life,” said Eric. “From him I learned the business from the ground up and how important it is to pay attention to all the little details. They are the most important aspects of being a business owner.”

Over the years as the business grew, Eric was serving more customers outside of the city. Traveling frequently to the Philadelphia suburbs and the Mainline prompted Eric to move the location to Newtown Square in 2016. Located where Route 3 and 252 intersect, the 4000 square foot showroom has a large selection of designer floors that aren’t always found in large retail stores.

From decorator fine hardwoods, the latest carpeting or tile woods and a vast array of modern engineered solutions, Fante Flooring offers a variety of flooring types that can turn houses into dream homes. Eric said he created the showroom so that customers can see the best  and widest variety of flooring types all in one place.

Shortly after Eric moved his business to Newtown Square, he and his wife Vera decided to find their forever home here in Marple Newtown. They’d been living in Ridley Park for more than a decade but always admired the family friendly neighborhoods in our area. In 2018 they found the perfect home in Broomall on a street with more than 30 kids. Vera is a fifth grade teacher at St. Anastasia School, where all three of their children attended school. Eric’s oldest son is headed to Marple Newtown High School next year for his Freshman year. “It’s so great to be part of this community both in business and in life,” Eric said fondly.

Eric spends his days in the showroom talking with his customers and walking them through the process of selecting, designing and installing high quality beautiful floors. 

For customers who can’t come into the showroom, Fante offers a showroom on wheels. Eric can bring the floor samples directly to customers’ homes so they’re able to have a look at flooring under their own lighting to decide what works. 

What sets Fante Flooring apart from the big box stores is Eric’s personal approach and attention to detail that he takes very seriously. “ I sleep better knowing a job went smoothly,” said Eric. “Many customers become friends, so I’m elated seeing them happy with the finished product.”  Eric also employs sub-contractors that have worked for him for 15 years. “I thank them every day because they help keep my business alive,” he said, proudly.

If you are ready to upgrade one or more rooms throughout your home, Fante Flooring has you covered. Call them today at 610-232-7080 or visit the showroom at 39 South Newtown Street Road (PA Rt 252) in Newtown Square.