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Bringing People Together: It’s Now A Bigger Party

Marple Friends & Neighbors, October 2022

I didn’t think of it. I wish I had. No, it was an advertising Sponsor who once candidly shared when I asked why they wanted to advertise in our hometown magazine. They said, “Bob, we read every new issue from cover to cover on the day it arrives in the mail. We want to be seen at the party.”

How insightful! Yes, I suppose it’s like a party going on. After all, the mission and motto of our magazine is: “Bringing People Together.” We do it through our unique brand of social-media-in-print, which creates that feeling of belonging in the community, by the one or two degrees of separation readers have with almost every feel-good feature which inspires hometown pride. That belonging to something bigger feels good, like being “at the party,” which many readers often tell me is not just reading our magazine, but in the feeling they get as soon as a new issue arrives. The mail highlight of the month has the party on again in print, and online at

The success of Marple Friends & Neighbors, and our sister publication Newtown Square Friends & Neighbors, in hosting the party which has been Bringing People Together now for more than four years, is what inspired me and our advertising Sponsors to expand the party’s guest list. Because a good party is always a better party, when it’s a bigger party. This month the party gets bigger with the first issue launch of our third magazine, Newtown Edgmont Friends & Neighbors.

We often hear our area called: “Marple Newtown.” And sometimes we hear Newtown Edgmont. Let me welcome our Edgmont friends and neighbors to the party, which now has a total combined home delivery of our three Friends & Neighbors magazines into thousands of homes in the Marple Newtown Edgmont communities.

Our advertising Sponsors are the heroes of the party, the business leaders Bringing People Together through our hometown magazines. We have them to thank. But I have to also thank our Reader Leaders who are always on the lookout, helping to bring new advertising Sponsors to the party.

Any reader of Marple Friends & Neighbors in print or online at, can be a Reader Leader by telling our advertising Sponsors how thankful they are for their investment in our community that makes our hometown magazine possible. Please, pick a few advertising Sponsors, call them or stop in to thank them for their leadership.

Your Reader Leadership can also help grow our magazine page count so we can publish more local features. Here’s how: think about the businesses in the area that you trust. Recommend that they should be at the party which is Marple Friends & Neighbors. Invite them to Sponsor the residents of Marple Township. If your Reader Leadership brings in a new advertiser, I’ll be asking if we can share your name with readers, and I’ll ask you to select a Broomall resident to be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of our hometown magazine.

The steps to becoming a Reader Leader are on page 9. Think about extending your personal invitation to a business you know, to come join the party that’s Bringing People Together in our community.

Bob Blaisse
Marple Friends & Neighbors