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Update Your Home with New Interior Doors

By Paul Barrett
PB Contracting Company, LLC
Marple Friends & Neighbors, September 2022

You’ve updated your home’s interior – you laid new floors, updated your kitchen or bathrooms, brightened the walls with new paint…. Now what? How about replacing some of your interior doors? Take for instance that old bathroom door that’s been painted over 15 times, or the bedroom door that sticks and swells with the slightest bit of humidity. How about that 1960’s design door that is just not meshing with all your new updates? 

There are tons of different options out there for interior doors. You can stick with a traditional style door or spice it up with something stylish and new. You might try some frosted glass inserts, or try a modern design that includes abstract lines. Do a search online or take a look at your local hardware store for design ideas.

Slab Doors
Slab door replacements involve changing just the slab portion of the door, not the frame. This tends to be somewhat easier than tearing out the whole frame, but can still be a bit complicated, especially in older homes. The opening most likely isn’t perfectly square, and the slab will require cutting or sanding to accommodate the opening. Remember that wood expands and contracts, so leave enough space to accommodate for swelling and sticking. 

Pre-Hung Doors
Pre-hung door replacement is replacing the slab and the frame, which are typically sold as one unit. This is usually more work but gives the whole opening a fresh look, not just the door portion. When pre-hung doors are installed, new trim is normally needed as well. 

Other Interior Doors
Don’t forget about your closet or pantry doors. Maybe you’re tired of that sliding mirror door in the guest room, or that bifold door that’s always falling off the track and never opens smoothly. Updating to new sliding closet doors or a cooler design bifold door with a new track will give the room a more modern feel and ease frustration.

Once you decide on a design and pick which style works best for you, make sure you or your contractor measures the openings for proper ordering and easier installation.

About The Author

Residential Door Installation
Paul Barrett
PB Contracting Company, LLC
Paul Barrett is the Owner of PB Contracting Company, a family operated business that specializes in residential door installation. Paul was born and raised in Jamaica, where he started his training and mastery in Carpentry. After he became expert at doing kitchen remodels, Paul developed a new area of expertise — residential door installations — and soon started his own business in Delaware County, PA. His professionalism, high level of customer service and craftsmanship, and expertise have truly made him a “Residential Door Expert.” A few years ago, Paul and his wife Crystal moved to Broomall, where they’re thrilled to be raising their 3 young children. PB Contracting Company’s slogan, “Big enough to service your needs, small enough to do it with care,” fits right in with our community’s needs.
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